Measurement of high frequency EMF

As shown in the previous articles, EF and MF of low frequency EMF can be measured.

In the case of high frequency EMF, however, both EF nor MF cannot be measured.

This is because high frequency wave is too fine to observe its EF and MF individually.

W/kg or W/m2 is used for the unit of high frequency EMF instead of EF and MF.

Measurement of high frequency EMF is out of scope for EMF measurement experts since its accurate measurement method hasn’t yet been technically established.

Actually some commercial instruments can “measure” high frequency EMF and somehow indicate the measured value.

However, we currently cannot analyze nor evaluate the value appropriately since there are various types of high frequency EMF mixed in space such as radio waves of mobile phones and Wi-Fi and the value can easily change due to measurement direction and existence of any blocking objects.